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हम गर्व के साथ प्रस्तुत करते है : मुंबई अवेंन्यू

Mumbai Avenue has been a concept in the making over the past decade. Finally, our family at Mumbai Avenue are now proud to open its doors to you.

With a restaurant career expanding over thirty years, our experienced team has had the time to not only expand on their knowledge, but also finely perfect their culinary skills. Our menu brings you the best of Indian cuisine, showcasing the evolution of what South Asia has to offer.

If you love spice (or perhaps even slightly frightened of it), fear not as our menu has been carefully selected with our customers in mind. Let your experience at Mumbai Avenue tempt you with our carefully selected ingredients, bringing India’s very own Mumbai straight to your Avenue.

To enhance your visit, we are pleased to offer you BYOB (bring your own bottle*) where we will supply you with glasses for your beverages. Elsewise, simply opt for the authentic drinks we offer from our crisp lassis, exciting chais or impressive ‘pops’ for your refreshments.

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